Antioxidant activities (DPPH and ABTS method) from extract of Bangle rhizome (Zingiber cassumunar) using different method of extraction

Kartika Sari* -  Agricultural Sciences Doctoral Program, University of Mulawarman, Indonesia
Anton Rahmadi -  Department of Agricultural Product Technology, University of Mulawarman; Research Center for Drugs and Consmetics from Tropical Rain Forest (PUI-PT Oktal), University of Mulawarman, Indonesia
Miftakhur Rohmah -  Department of Agricultural Product Technology, University of Mulawarman, Indonesia
Bernatal Saragih -  Department of Agricultural Product Technology, University of Mulawarman, Indonesia
Iddris Salam -  Department of Agricultural Product Technology, University of Mulawarman

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Antioxidants are important in preventing oxidative, which can cause various degenerative diseases. Bangle contains bioactive components with antioxidant potential. Processing affects active compounds in food, including in Bangle. This study aims to determine the effect of blanching and extraction methods on the antioxidant activity of Bangle. This study consisted of three factor: blanching treatment extraction technique and time and type of extraction solvent. Analyses of antioxidant using DPPH and ABTS method were conducted in triplicate for each sample.  The data were analyzed using ANOVA. This study result shows that the method, time, and type of solvent significantly affect the antioxidant activity of bangle rhizome extraction. The best treatment of antioxidant activity of Bangle rhizome is blanching treatment by adding 0,05% citric acid solution in the sonication extraction method and a time of 30 minutes with ethanol as the solvent. The IC50 value on the DPPH method was 20,61±0,76 mg/g, and the percent free radical scavenging value was 87,11±3,04%. The IC50 value on the ABTS method is 20,79±0,29 mg/g and a percent free radical scavenging activity value of 92,75±0,13%. The study provides key insights for choosing effective extraction methods to increase antioxidant activity in natural materials like Bangle rhizome.

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Keywords : Antioxidant, Bangle Rhizome, Blanching, Extraction Method

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