Pengetahuan dan praktik masyarakat Indonesia dalam menghadapi pandemi Covid-19

Author(s): Andi Eka Yunianto, Taufiq Firdaus Al-Ghifari Atmadja, Emy Yuliantini, Miratul Haya, Ahmad Faridi, Suryana Suryana
DOI: 10.30867/gikes.v2i1.473


Background: Increasing cases of COVID-19 in Indonesia every day and creating new clusters. One of the reasons for the increase in cases is the level of knowledge about COVID-19. Knowledge is a person's foundation in practicing his activities every day. A good practice is based on a good level of knowledge.

Objectives: The research objective is to see an overview of the knowledge and practices of Indonesian society in dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak.

Methods: This study used a cross-sectional design with 6,557 respondents, the criteria were above 16 years old who live in Indonesia. The research was conducted in June 2020. The questionnaire is an e-survey using google form media and is distributed via social media (Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram). The knowledge and practice of the people in this statistical analysis used only univariate analysis.

Results: The results show that in general the knowledge of the Indonesian people is correct from the 12 questions asked. The mean score of knowledge of male respondents was 75.13±29.47, while for women it was 77.16±26.50. The average practice score of male respondents was 81.33±19.95, while the female respondents were 87.18±16.13.

Conclusion: The higher the knowledge, the better the community practices in preventing and reducing the transmission of the COVID-19 outbreak.


COVID-19; knowledge; practice

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